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A recipe is a set of instructions that describes how to prepare or make something, especially a dish of prepared food.


Recipes help ensure that the best possible food items are produced every time. much of an item the recipe will produce helps prevent food waste and shortages on the serving line. Accurate Nutrient Content: Standardized recipes help ensure that the best possible food items are produced every time. It will list down the ingredients required as well as preparation instruction and other useful information to make your cooking a success. … Cooking recipes are used not only by a novice but by professional chefs around the world.


The number of servings is important because you probably want to know how much the recipe will make. … Most kids’ recipes make just a few servings because it’s easier for kids to work with smaller amounts of food. But it’s easy to make more (a double or triple batch) or to make less (cut the recipe in half).


At a minimum, a recipe should contain following pieces of information:The name of the dish, –A list of ingredients with the exact quantity of each ingredient, –A description of how the dish should be prepared and completed, this is known as the method and -A statement as to the number of portions or serves the recipe produces, which is known as the yield.



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