A name is a term used for identification. They can identify a class or category of things, or a single thing, either uniquely, or within a given context. The entity identified by a name is called its referent. A personal name identifies, not necessarily uniquely, a specific individual human.

A personal name or full name is the set of names by which an individual is known and that can be recited as a word-group, with the understanding that, taken together, they all relate to that one individual.

A name is the first identity that a person gets in his/her life and it stays with him/her till the end. many a time it comes to one’s mind that What’s in a name, but studies have shown that names are very important and they play an important part in defining and influencing the personality of a person.

We have compiled a huge list of baby names along with their meanings.

Here are some of the best, cutest and most auspicious baby names for the day chosen after a short study. BEST AND CUTEST BABY NAMES OF TODAY.

Baby Names – has a wholesome list of baby names sorted in alphabetical order. Please choose the best you can find for your bundle of joy!



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