1-Jan-20New Year’s Day

2-Jan-20Berchtold Day
2-Jan-20Day After New Year’s Day
2-Jan-20Day after New Year’s Day
2-Jan-20Guru Govind Singh Jayanti
2-Jan-20January 2 Bank Holiday
2-Jan-20New Year Holiday Week
2-Jan-20Reconquest Day
2-Jan-20Scotland Bank Holiday

3-Jan-20January 3 Bank Holiday
3-Jan-20New Year Holiday Week

4-Jan-20World Braille Day

5-Jan-20Twelfth Night

6-Jan-20Army Day
6-Jan-20Day of the Holy Kings
6-Jan-20Funeral of General Qasem Soleimani
6-Jan-20New Year Holiday Week
6-Jan-20The Three Wise Men Day

7-Jan-20Asarah B’Tevet (Tenth of Tevet)
7-Jan-20Orthodox Christmas Day

8-Jan-20New Year Holiday Week

10-Jan-20World Hindi Day

11-Jan-20Birthday of Eugenio María de Hostos
11-Jan-20Missionary Day
11-Jan-20National Children’s Day

12-Jan-20Swami Vivekananda Jayanti

13-Jan-20Coming of Age Day
13-Jan-20Stephen Foster Memorial Day

14-Jan-20Birthday of Yang di-Pertuan Besar
14-Jan-20Old New Year
14-Jan-20Orthodox New Year

15-Jan-20Maghe Sankranti
15-Jan-20Makar Sankranti

16-Jan-20Teachers’ Day

17-Jan-20Lee-Jackson Day

19-Jan-20Confederate Heroes’ Day
19-Jan-20Robert E. Lee’s Birthday

20-Jan-20Civil Rights Day
20-Jan-20Feast of Saint Sebastián
20-Jan-20Idaho Human Rights Day
20-Jan-20Martin Luther King Jr Day
20-Jan-20Robert E. Lee’s Birthday
20-Jan-20Wellington Anniversary Day

21-Jan-20Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s day

22-Jan-20Feast of Saint Vicente
22-Jan-20Franco-German Day
22-Jan-20Martyr Vicente’s Feast

23-Jan-20Chinese New Year Holiday
23-Jan-20Day of Saint Ildefonso
23-Jan-20First Philippine Republic Day
23-Jan-20Tet Holiday

24-Jan-20Chinese New Year’s Eve
24-Jan-20Lunar New Year Eve
24-Jan-20Seollal Holiday
24-Jan-20Vietnamese New Year’s Eve

25-Jan-20Burns Night
25-Jan-20Chinese Lunar New Year’s Day
25-Jan-20Chinese New Year
25-Jan-20Chinese New Year’s Day
25-Jan-20Day of Offerings
25-Jan-20Losar (New Year)
25-Jan-20Lunar New Year (First Day)
25-Jan-20Lunar New Year’s Day
25-Jan-20Sonam Losar (Tamang New Year)
25-Jan-20Vietnamese New Year

26-Jan-20Australia Day
26-Jan-20Chinese Lunar New Year Holiday
26-Jan-20Chinese New Year Holiday
26-Jan-20Losar Holiday
26-Jan-20Lunar New Year (Second Day)
26-Jan-20Republic Day
26-Jan-20Second day of Chinese Lunar New Year
26-Jan-20Tet Holiday

27-Jan-20Auckland Anniversary Day
27-Jan-20Australia Day Observed
27-Jan-20Chinese Lunar New Year Holiday
27-Jan-20Chinese New Year Holiday
27-Jan-20Day off for Chinese Lunar New Year
27-Jan-20Lunar New Year (Third Day)
27-Jan-20Northland Anniversary Day
27-Jan-20Remembrance Day for the Victims of National Socialism
27-Jan-20Seollal Holiday
27-Jan-20Tet Holiday
27-Jan-20Third day of Chinese Lunar New Year

28-Jan-20Chinese New Year Holiday
28-Jan-20European Privacy Day
28-Jan-20Feast of San Julian
28-Jan-20Fourth day of Chinese Lunar New Year
28-Jan-20Lunar New Year Holiday
28-Jan-20Tet Holiday

29-Jan-20Basant Panchami
29-Jan-20Chinese New Year Holiday
29-Jan-20Kansas Day
29-Jan-20Lunar New Year Holiday
29-Jan-20Martyrdom of Fatima
29-Jan-20St. Valero’s Feast
29-Jan-20Tet Holiday

30-Jan-20Martyrs’ Memorial Day
30-Jan-20The Three Holy Hierarchs
30-Jan-20Vasant Panchami




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